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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

~ Lao Tzu

VitalitySync Yoga
Align, Flow, Empower your inner Radiance, and embrace Serenity

Yoga Pose


Whether you're embarking on a fresh journey into the realm of physical yoga or aiming to elevate your existing practice, I provide an array of offerings tailored to every individual. Embrace a receptive mindset, akin to that of a novice, and uncover new facets of self-discovery while refining your yoga routine to bolster both your well-being and proficiency. The opportune moment is now—commence your transformative journey today!



Immersed in the artistry of Yoga, this offering unveils a symphony of deliberate and poised postures, drawing from the ancient wisdom of Vinyasa Krama—action executed with a profound essence. Meticulous devotion to anatomical precision, coupled with an attunement to the currents of energy and the art of pratikriyasanas (balancing poses), coalesce in a tapestry of deliberate breath interplay. Tailored for those yearning for a deliberate cadence, this practice exudes a harmonious blend of contemplation and dynamism. Extended moments of pose engagement cultivate a space for introspection, allowing the vessel of body and mind to unfurl its layers for observation and study, a canvas for the profound symphony of Prana—life force, the very breath of existence.


Step into a realm of vigor and vitality with classes that propel you through dynamic sequences, igniting a fire of transformative motion. These sessions, encompassing the essence of Vinyasa and Power Yoga, infuse your practice with a heightened pulse, offering challenges that resound with invigoration. As you navigate this journey, a fortified endurance and newfound strength become your companions, propelling you towards the pinnacle of yoga postures - intricate arm balances and gravity-defying inversions.

Fear not, for I shall be your guide, leading you through a methodical preparation for these awe-inspiring asanas. Together, we shall nurture the sinews of your shoulders, the resilience of your hands, and the stability of your wrists. As these foundations flourish, the shackles of apprehension shall be shed, clearing the path for your triumphant ascent. Here, amidst the rhythms of controlled descent and triumphant rise, your yoga aspirations shall find their wings, and you shall redefine the horizons of your practice.


Amidst the currents of our Yang-driven lives, the yearning for Yin's tranquil embrace arises. Our innate equilibrium-seeking nature beckons us to discover harmony, both in the world around us and, more intimately, within ourselves.

Within these transformative classes, the stage is set with elemental tools—a cushion or bolster, a yoga strap, and a duo of yoga blocks—each playing its role in orchestrating a symphony of restorative asanas. This offering extends its benevolent reach to embrace practitioners of all thresholds, welcoming beginners to the world of Hatha Yoga's rewards. Guided by the gentle touch of my Yin series, the canvas of shoulder, neck, and spine health becomes the focal point. Simultaneously, a delicate dance unfolds as the limbs unfurl, gently stretching legs, hips, and lower back, mindful in its purpose and potent in its subtlety.

Though this series extends its embrace to all seekers, it serves as a sanctuary for those whose mobility has been tempered, those bearing the imprints of past injuries, and those navigating the intricacies of medical nuances. As the doors of traditional Hatha Yoga might seem daunting, these sessions provide a pathway illuminated by compassion and accessibility, beckoning all souls to partake in the rejuvenating balm of Yin.


Precision meets purpose in these sessions dedicated to fortifying core endurance and nurturing the intricate layers that define your midsection. As you embark on this journey, not only will you forge a formidable core, but you will also cultivate a sanctuary of strength for your lower back, fostering its well-being with every intentional movement.

Amidst the rhythmic cadence of this sequence, fundamental Hatha asanas are interwoven, like threads of release that untangle tension from specific corners of your body. This practice, however, is no gentle stroll; it is a robust symphony of effort, orchestrated to carve the contours of your core's compression prowess. As you engage, sweat shall glisten as a testament to your commitment, a testament to the dynamic transformation transpiring within.

Yet, it's not only the strength that unfurls its wings, but the awareness of posture that arises from the crucible of movement. Each stride, each pose, crafts an echo that resonates into your daily stance, a reminder to stand tall and embrace the grace that emanates from within.

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* Disclaimer: Important Notice Regarding Online Yoga Classes

Before participating in any physical activity, including yoga, it is crucial to consult with your physician, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions, injuries, or concerns. The information provided in the online yoga classes by James Afshar is intended for general guidance and educational purposes only. However, there are potential risks associated with any physical practice, including yoga, and it is important to be aware of these risks.

Participating in yoga classes involves physical movements and poses that might not be suitable for everyone. It is possible that some individuals may experience discomfort, strains, or injuries while attempting certain poses or exercises. Moreover, certain health conditions or medical histories could increase the risk of injury. Therefore, it is strongly advised to consult with a qualified medical professional before starting any new exercise regimen.

James Afshar and any associated parties are not liable for any injuries, ailments, medical complications, or even death that may arise as a result of participating in the online yoga classes provided. By choosing to follow these classes, you acknowledge and assume all risks associated with the practice of yoga, and you agree to release James Afshar from any responsibility or liability for any such occurrences.

Your safety is paramount. If at any point during the practice you feel uncomfortable, experience pain, or believe that a pose or exercise is beyond your capacity, please stop immediately and seek appropriate medical advice. By proceeding with these online yoga classes, you indicate that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of this disclaimer.

Remember, your health and well-being are of utmost importance, and it is always recommended to prioritize your safety above all else.

By participating in these online yoga classes, you confirm that you have carefully read and understood this disclaimer and that you agree to its terms.

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