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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

~ Lao Tzu

Embrace The Journey

Whether you're new to a physical Yoga practice or seeking to take your own to the next level, I offer a little something for everyone.  Keep an open mind (a beginner's mind), perhaps learn something new about yourself, improve your practice, and benefit your health.  Why wait?!



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James Afshar Patreon Yoga teacher


Traditional Hatha Yoga


Creative sequences of more static postures (rooted in Vinyasa Krama - action taken in a special way) with attention to detail with regards to anatomical alignment, energetics, pratikriyasanas (counter poses), and breath connection.  Ideal for those seeking a slower, more mindful, yet energetic practice.  Longer hold time of the asanas (Yoga poses) allows for introspection and a deeper experience, observing and studying the body/mind vessel, and cherishing the beauty and elegance of Prana (Life-force, breathe).

Yoga Core


Targeting core endurance and strengthening various layers of the midsection, meanwhile working towards, and maintaining a healthier lower back.  Basic Hatha asanas may be performed throughout the sequence in order to relieve tensions in certain areas of the body.

These workouts are more rigorous, and designed to strengthen your core's compression power, bring awareness to your daily posture, and make you sweat!

Power & "Vinyasa-style" Yoga


These classes involve more dynamic movements, and may be challenging and invigorating -  building endurance and strength towards more advanced asanas such as arm balances and inversions.  


I'll show you how to prep for these asanas safely, strengthening your shoulders, hands and wrists, and gradually losing your fear of falling, and perhaps achieving some of your "Yoga goals."

Yin (Restorative) & Gentle Yoga


When we have too much "Yang" throughout our daily life, at some point, we'll require some "Yin" ... it's in our nature to eventually seek harmony and balance, both outside and gradually even more so within.


In these classes we use some basic props (a cushion or bolster, Yoga strap, and two Yoga blocks) to assist us with a series of "restorative" asanas, and allow for even the most beginner level to reap the benefits of a Hatha Yoga practice.  My Yin series focuses on shoulder, neck, and spine health as well as stretching the legs, hips, and lower back in a mindful and gentle manner.

While this series is great for all levels, it is especially accessible to those of us with less mobility, possibly past injuries and medical conditions that prevent us from doing traditional Hatha Yoga.



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Today's practice starts out with an hour of Yin (Restorative) Yoga .. I use a strap, a couple of Yoga blocks and cushions.

The 2nd portion of practice which you're welcome to fast-forward to is the more active part of the practice.  This portion is about 1:20 (one hour and 20 minutes) and involves an energetic but slow blend of static asanas ... 


In today's sequence, we begin with a proper warm up to ensure the hands, wrists and shoulders are ready for the more dynamic asanas (Yoga postures) towards the end of practice ...


there are some challenging balancing asanas as well, along with some strong warriors...

APR_29_20_Yoga Core_Level 2_sliders_comp

A challenging core sequence designed to make you sweat, huff & puff, and target your core's compression power.

It's a solid hour of focusing on the core, so have your towel and water bottle nearby! 

APR_28_20_Hatha Yoga_Hanuman_balance.jpg

Challenge your balance and stretch the legs with this energetic, yet slow and mindful practice.  

As I guide you through the sequence, the more static asanas (Yoga postures) and longer hold time allow for a deeper experience in each position, as you maintain your conscious breath connection. 


In this modified but strong Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence, we explore the depths of Uddiyana Bandha engagement and its role in inversions such as tripod headstand.


* Inversions are always optional - please have a safe practice! 

* Always, in your particular case, consult your health care provider and obtain full medical clearance before practicing Yoga or any other exercise program.  The information provided in this site is not a substitute for medical advice and is not to be used in any manner for the diagnosis and/or treatment of any medical or surgical condition.  If you suspect you have a medical problem, consult your physician.

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