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In a digital landscape flooded with fleeting opinions, a genuine testimonial stands as a beacon of authenticity. Like a sunbeam breaking through clouds, it radiates with the warmth of gratitude. Each word is a heartfelt melody, composed by a soul who has experienced something extraordinary. It's a testament to the power of connection, a nod of appreciation that ripples through time, acknowledging the effort, care, and dedication that went into crafting an exceptional experience. In this virtual realm, a sincere testimonial is more than just a review; it's a bridge between hearts, a gift of thanks that immortalizes moments that touched the core and reminds us that human connection can transcend even the pixels on a screen.

If you have taken any of my classes, I would love to hear from you! 

Image by Samuel Austin

Hi James- thank you for sharing your light and energy with us every Monday , Wednesday and Friday. I am so grateful to have you as an instructor. I particularly enjoy your classes because of the mindful discipline you share with us. Your energy is unmatched when it comes to intuitive flowing. It’s like you know exactly what we need by reading the room. The way you remind us to inhale, exhale, steady, and adjust- your patience allows us to get into our mind/body and that’s what we need to learn/grow and connect. Other instructors are often not mindful of the way the collective is breathing and I find that you pay attention to our breath. Your breathing also helps reset/ create a baseline reminder of how deeply we should be breathing. I’ve brought guests to your classes before and their feedback has been “his voice is so powerfully calm and I feel amazing” and that’s honestly how I would describe your practice. Thank you again!!

Amy N.


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