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Image by Braden Jarvis

Aloha Getaway: Unveiling Radiance
Yoga Retreat in Hawaiian Paradise

Welcome to the ultimate journey of rejuvenation and inner bliss – our enchanting Yoga Retreat in the paradisiacal embrace of Hawaii! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and majestic volcanoes, as you embark on a transformative experience that nourishes both body and soul. Led by yours truly and surrounded by the awe-inspiring wonders of nature, this retreat offers a harmonious sanctuary to reconnect with yourself and unleash the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, my carefully curated program of invigorating yoga sessions, serene meditation, and restorative practices will leave you feeling invigorated, centered, and completely revitalized. So, step onto this path of self-discovery and indulge in the magic of Hawaii as you embark on a profound journey towards self-discovery and inner radiance. Join us in this ethereal haven, where the sun-kissed waves dance in rhythm with your breath, and the enchanting melodies of the island beckon you to let go, breathe, and surrender to the transformative power of our Yoga Retreat in Maui, Hawaii.




TBD, 2024 (5 Nights)

  • 25% Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot *

    • The listed accommodation pricing represents the total amount payable, varying based on the indicated occupancy

    • Two of the villas below can accommodate up to 4 people - Contact me for pricing details​

  • Up to 50% of your deposit is required by TBD (all deposits go towards paying off your full balance)

  • Full remaining balance is due by TBD

  • Release & Waver of Liability Form must be reviewed, signed, and returned to me with your initial deposit

  • Payment options - Zelle, cash, and personal checks are accepted

  • Retreat Application Form (link here) must be completed.  Please notify me once you've submitted your form

  • Payments are non-refundable once your spot has been secured

* We'll only move forward with this retreat if we have the required minimum number of attendants.  If this condition is not met, your deposits will be fully refunded.


Bamboo Rm_1.png

Bamboo Room



$ 2,275 USD

$ 2,775 USD

Plumeria Rm_3.png

Plumeria Room



$ 2,598 USD

$ 3,098 USD

Ocean Vista_1.png

Ocean Vista



$ 2,510 USD

$ 3,010 USD

Cliff House_4.png

Cliff House (up to 4 people)



$ 4,418 USD

$ 4,958 USD

Gazebo Rm_1.png

Gazebo Room



$ 2,246 USD

$ 2,746 USD

Waterfall House_1.png

The Villa (up to 4 people)



$ 4,300 USD

$ 4,800 USD

Gardenia Rm_2.png

Gardenia Room



$ 2,775 USD

$ 3,275 USD

Waterfall House_12.png

Waterfall House



$ 4,958 USD

$ 5,458 USD

Sunrise Rm_4.png

Sunrise Room



$ 2,428 USD

$ 2,928 USD

Cabana Garden Rm_3.png

Cabana Garden Room



$ 2,510 USD

$ 3,010 USD

Jasmine House_2.png

Jasmine House



$ 3,068 USD

$ 3,568 USD

About our destination

Step into a world of enchantment at our Eco-Retreat Center, a haven of wonder nestled in the heart of Maui's north shore. Unravel the secrets of our idyllic sanctuary meticulously crafted to cradle groups, couples, and kindred spirits in the embrace of nature's bounty. Let the tendrils of tranquility weave through your soul as you surrender to the charms of our magical paradise.

Come along on a journey of renewal amidst lush foliage and whispered breezes at our Maui Eco-Retreat. Rooted in the earth, our shelter not only offers a respite for weary souls but also a chance to glean fresh wisdom from the farm's nurturing embrace. Delve into the riches of farm education, savor nourishment from our organic bounty, and bask in the elegance of retreat hosting facilities that cater to your every need.

Unveil the curtain to reveal a secluded Eden, a lush jungle that cradles our retreat in its verdant arms. With utmost care, every structure finds its place in harmony with the land, a testament to our commitment to leaving the lightest footprint possible. Amidst this symphony of nature, bask in the embrace of exclusivity, as our abode offers an intimate refuge where the modern world's clamor fades into a distant memory.

Our Eco-Retreat Center doesn't merely draw from nature's gifts; it gives back through a dance with renewable energy. Every breeze and sunbeam are harnessed to power this paradise, a tribute to its dedication to sustainability. So come, be enchanted, be renewed, and let the tapestry of our Eco-Retreat weave its magic around you.

Image by PiggyBank



  • 5 nights of accommodation in your choice of room or villa

  • Continental style breakfast + lunch and dinner

    • One meal on day of arrival & departure​

  • Daily Yoga - morning Vinyasa and afternoon/evening Yin/Restorative

  • Use of Yoga Shala, mats and props

  • All taxes associated with your accommodation

  • Saltwater swimming pool

  • Access to hot tub & infrared sauna


  • Airfare

  • Transportation

  • Tours

  • Travel Insurance (optional)

  • Special beverages

  • Spa & massage treatments

  • Optional tips


  • Saltwater Pool

  • Sauna

  • Hot Tub

  • Massage Services

    • 75 min = $140​

    • 90 min = $160

    • 120 min = $200

    • Hot Stone Therapy = $30


  • Closest airport: Maui VORTAC (OGG)

  • Your own rental car is recommended

  • Roads are very windy and narrow

  • Sporadic showers during the week are likely

  • Taxi and shuttle service is available

  • Uber should be available


Haleakala Volcano Sightseeing Tour

  • More than 10,000 ft. in elevation (so pack something warm)

Road to Hana

  • 3-4 hr scenic drive (windy road, lots of turns)

  • Wainapana State Park

  • Waimoku Falls Hike

Whale Watching Boat Trip

  • Boat ride to watch Humpback Whales (can be seen in Winter season)


Snorkling & Kayaking Tours

  • Boat ride to visit Lanai island

  • Molokini Crater Snorkeling Tour

  • Lanai Snorkeling Tour


  • Iao Valley (above Wailuku)

  • Waihe'e Ridge Trail

  • Kapalua Coastal Hike

  • Waimoku Falls (beautiful waterfall hike)


Kindly review this form; print a copy for yourself and send me a signed copy.

This is a simple Google doc., and it must be completed and submitted prior to providing your first payment.

Have any questions about this retreat?

Send me a message using the form below, and I'll be happy to address your questions & concerns.

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